What Does Your User Agent Say About You?


A user agent is a computer program representing a person, for example, a browser in a Web context.

Besides a browser, a user agent could be a bot scraping webpages, a download manager, or another app accessing the Web. Along with each request they make to the server, browsers include a self-identifying User-Agent HTTP header called a user agent (UA) string. This string often identifies the browser, its version number, and its host operating system.

Spam bots, download managers, and some browsers often send a fake UA string to announce themselves as a different client. This is known as user agent spoofing.

The user agent string can be accessed with JavaScript on the client side using the navigator.userAgent property.

A typical user agent string looks like this: "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0".


User Agent String

Browser Data

Iphone Xs Max Useragent

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 05 July, 2022
• 15 min read

The User-Agent tells the server what the visiting device is (among many other things) and this information can be used to determine what content to return. Of course this requires using a device detection solution which translates UAS into understandable software and hardware information.

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If you’d like to learn more on these devices, just copy and paste the UAS to our User-Agent testing tool. As Apple do not pass much info through the User Agent, version numbers don't allow us to differentiate between iPhone models.

It additionally has the equivalent, 7 nm A12 Bionic chipset with more power and more noteworthy productivity than the A11. The new, 12MP double camera has a greater sensor and bigger pixels for better picture lucidity, while propelled programming and another flag processor empower better HDR catching and Portrait photographs with flexible measure of both.

You may download many refreshed applications and furthermore amusements to play with, ensuring that FaceTime and iMessage are running so you can associate with your family and companions, and so on. IPhoneXS Manual must be the main thing you require after you purchase the telephone.

It tends to be so on the grounds that, without the instructional exercise, it will be harder for you to encounter working the telephone legitimately. In this manner, ensure likewise to have a client manual for your iPhones when you choose to purchase the gadget.

As you most likely are aware, to have the capacity to begin utilizing your iPhone, you have to embed your SIM card. Discover the SIM expulsion apparatus and push it into the pinhole on the right-hand edge of the iPhone till it flies out.

xs iphone max android user

At that point, put your SIM card onto the plate and drive it back to the telephone. From that point forward, press the power catch for a considerable length of time till you see the Apple logo.

If you need to set the secret key to guard the information, you can type in the code. In the event that you might want to look through the information on the web by utilizing your iPhone, you simply need to associate the iPhone to the web by turning on the portable information or Wi-Fi by heading off to the setting.

Volume up/down Ring/Silent Side button Built-in stereo speaker Lightning connector Built-in microphone With built-in support for vision, hearing, physical and motor skills, and learning and literacy, you can fully enjoy the world’s most personal device.

A standard configuration uses approximately 10 GB to 12 GB of space (including iOS and preinstalled apps) depending on the model and settings. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes).

Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone ; refer to the user guide for cleaning and drying instructions. FaceTime calling requires a FaceTime-enabled device for the caller and recipient and a Wi-Fi connection.

xs iphone max android thoughts user hardware longtime

Availability over a cellular network depends on carrier policies; data charges may apply. All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by Apple service provider. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.

Geometric Store started as a platform where we could host our own tweaks. The main reason for this was because no other public repository had Stripe as a payout option, and since PayPal was problematic for us, we had no other choice than making our own system.

Also, it was quite hard to get in contact with the existing repositories back then in order to ask whether Stripe was in their pipeline. The store became very popular, and we received many requests about when we would add an option for other developers to host their tweaks.

Due to Corona :(most of us in the team got some time over, we started to make a proof-of-concept that was evaluated internally and by some developers. Almost a year later from the time we started, we are very proud to announce that our store now is launched publicly and ANYONE can host their packages on our repo.

switching android iphone task easy

We believe in a community where we can easily share our work with users in a matter of minutes. You can for example connect your Stripe account and manage your payments as you want.

I love Geometric Store, because of their simplicity & lighting fast repo system. Our goal is to deliver a community driven repository where new developers can reach out to customers with their awesome work easily.

Along with the official release of the developer dashboard, we have also done several improvements to the website. A footer in the bottom of all pages allowing you to find important information faster.

Let's end 2020 and start 2021 (soon) with something great that we hope will be appreciated by the community. Ever since the iPhone 4 came out, I’ve been a bit annoyed with the way mobile (Apple) devices are tracked in Google Analytics.

For instance, the user agent string for a Samsung Galaxy S7 can look like this: It only contains information about the operating system and the browser and the fact that it’s an iPhone.

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A Custom Dimension in Google Analytics, in which to store the improved iPhone model name A custom JavaScript variable in Google Tag Manager that will do the actual detection and output the iPhone model name A modification to your existing page view tag in GTM that will store the iPhone model name in your Custom Dimension Basically, we’ll be combining different types of information to identify the different iPhone models.

In Google Tag Manager, create a new User-Defined Variable of the type “Custom JavaScript” and name it iPhone Model”. This script starts by grabbing the user agent string when we can see it’s an iPhone.

Window.screen.width : window.screen.height, 'ratio' : window.devicePixelRatio}); // This is our “database” of possible device configurations var database = {'2G/3G/3GS': {'width' : 320, 'height': 480, 'ratio' : 1}, '4/4S': {'width' : 320, 'height': 480, 'ratio' : 2}, '5/5S/5C/SE': {'width' : 320, 'height': 568, 'ratio' : 2}, '6/6S/7/8': {'width' : 375, 'height': 667, 'ratio' : 2}, '6+/6S+/7+/8+': {'width' : 414, 'height': 736, 'ratio' : 3}, 'X/ XS ': {'width' : 375, 'height': 812, 'ratio' : 3}, 'XR': {'width' : 414, 'height': 896, 'ratio' : 2}, ' XS Max ': {'width' : 414, 'height': 896, 'ratio' : 3} }; // Loop through our database and compare configurations to our current device // Return the device name if a match is found for(var model in database) {if(JSON.stringing(database) == currentDeviceInfo) {return iPhone + model;} } return;} return;} There are no MX records or email server addresses for this domain, which is not normal.

ICANN require admin, registrant and tech support email addresses; all three of them are the same, Lisa is right, this is spam that would redirect to the unsubscribe.mob domain, where the malware is awaiting download.

Sort of odd since hacker prefer to host their malware at legitimate websites.... However, the search box shows the address{city}model={model}brand={brand}browser={browser}device={device}&browserversion={browser version}Los={OS}conversion={version}& user agent ={user agent}hip={IP}&referrerdomain={referrer domain}&trackingdomain={tracking domain}language={language}&connectiontype={connection.type}carrier={carrier}ISP={sip}.

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So it is not from Apple Also mob is a company that offers mobile apps plus other things but I question if this has anything to do with them.

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