What Does Your User Agent Say About You?


A user agent is a computer program representing a person, for example, a browser in a Web context.

Besides a browser, a user agent could be a bot scraping webpages, a download manager, or another app accessing the Web. Along with each request they make to the server, browsers include a self-identifying User-Agent HTTP header called a user agent (UA) string. This string often identifies the browser, its version number, and its host operating system.

Spam bots, download managers, and some browsers often send a fake UA string to announce themselves as a different client. This is known as user agent spoofing.

The user agent string can be accessed with JavaScript on the client side using the navigator.userAgent property.

A typical user agent string looks like this: "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0".


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WebKit (18,642,786) Blink (9,913,314) Trident (1,737,329) Presto (368,303) Gecko (299,203) Edge HTML (25,016) Gonna (3,639) HTML (3,483) Seafront (3,419) If you need to integrate the user agent parser directly into your website or system then it's very simple to use the API.

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Skyline n/a SmartBrowserPlugin for TC n/a Spanning Backup n/a Spotify App WebKit Spotify mobile App WebKit SP_audit bot n/a Selma n/a Steam Client WebKit/Blink Symantec Email n/a Simplex Email Signature Manager n/a Tableau Desktop WebKit n/a Lounge n/a minicam Monitor n/a Lewd Store Presto/Blink Due ?? Web-sniffer n/a Collage n/a webs n/a Fuzz n/a What Web n/a Gunpowder n/a WkHTMLtoPDF WebKit WordPress ping back n/a Yahoo Ad monitoring n/a Yandex. Translate n/a Yea link client n/a Yours n/a NameLayout engine n/a Mobiles n/a Mr.4×3 Powered n/a.

Below you will find a number of the most common browser user agents. You can use these user agents if you want to emulate a different browser with a tool such as curl, get, or similar.

Caution should be taken to remove any personally identifying information description (string): intended to be a humanly readable description of the app, bot or other info_url (string): a link to the homepage of the app, bot or other, for public consumption SVG (string): a name of a square SVG file, intended for use in app dashboards for identification purposes developer_notes (string): free form notes for developers, where it is helpful to leave notes on behavior of certain user agents or bots. A slug is a lowercase alphanumeric (ASCII) representation of a string, consisting only of numbers, letters and, in our case, underscores.

It's up to apps that implement the list to display this information however they see fit, and using a slug is better for disambiguation. For example, it's often difficult to know whether an Android app is running on a phone or a tablet.

Multiple matches should ideally not happen for anything that has an app name; so parsing order shouldn't matter. For devices and OS, you mat discover that multiple matches will give you more accurate data, but you should hopefully only see one app name.

generator agent user

Poncho is intended for web application developers and the testing community Click on any string to get more details Poncho 2.0b2BonEcho 2.0b1BonEcho 2.0a3BonEcho 2.0a2BonEcho 2.0BonEcho 0.7b1 Click on any string to get more details Browser Firefox based browser for Mac OS X.

Camino 8.723Camino 8.443Camino 3.245.226Camino 2.176.223Camino 2.1a1preCamino 2.1.3preCamino 2.1.2Camino 2.1Camino 2.0b3preCamino 2.0.6Camino 2.0.3Camino 2.0.2Camino 1.6preCamino 1.6a1preCamino 1.6.7Camino 1.6.11Camino 1.5.5Camino 1.5.4Camino 1.5.1Camino 1.5Camino 1.2+Camino 1.1b+Camino 1.1bCamino 1.1a2Camino 1.1a1+Camino 1.1a1Camino 1.0rc1Camino 1.0b2+Camino 1.0b2Camino 1.0b1Camino 1.0a1Camino 1.0.4Camino 1.0.3Camino 1.0.2Camino 1.0.1Camino 1.0+Camino 1.0Camino 0.9Camino 0.8bCamino 0.8.4Camino 0.8.1Camino 0.7 Charon is a web browser for the Inferno operating system Click on any string to get more details Cheshire is designed to make it easy for users to read and write email, surf the web, listen to AOL Radio and dial up to the Internet.

Cheshire includes AOL's Parental Controls and works with Apple's built-in applications like chat and photo. Click on any string to get more details Chimera 0.6 Free open-source web browser developed by Google.

Chromium is the name of the open source project behind Google Chrome, released under the BSD license. Comodo_Dragon Conker or is a keyboard-oriented, customizable, extensible web browser based on Mozilla Gunrunner, written mainly in JavaScript, and inspired by software such as Emacs and vi.

Fluid 0.9.6Fluid 0.9.4 Web browser for the Trans Operating System Click on any string to get more details Galaxy 1.0 Click on any string to get more details Gallon 2.0.7Galeon 2.0.6Galeon 2.0.4Galeon 2.0.3Galeon 2.0.2Galeon 2.0.1Galeon 2.0.0Galeon 1.3.4Galeon 1.3.21Galeon 1.3.20Galeon 1.3.19Galeon 1.3.18Galeon 1.3.17Galeon 1.3.16Galeon 1.3.15Galeon 1.3.14Galeon 1.2.9Galeon 1.2.8Galeon 1.2.7Galeon 1.2.6Galeon 1.2.5Galeon 1.0.3 GranParadiso is a developer preview release for the next major version of Firefox that is being built on top of the next generation of Mozilla's layout engine, Gecko 1.9.

user agent html5 brightsign

Iron Mellon is a lightweight web browser for the win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine. Mellon is free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License.

K-Ninja 2.1.3K-Ninja 2.1.1K-Ninja 2.0.4K-Ninja 2.0.2K-Ninja 2.0 Chinese browser from Fox lab, uses Gecko rendering engine Click on any string to get more details Kapok 3.0 Kazehakase is a web browser for UNIX compatible environment that is implemented with multiple layout engines.

Myibrow 4alpha2myibrow Click on any string to get more details MyIE2 After Firefox3.5 (“Shiretoko”), the next version of Firefox is being developed under the project name Amorous “. Amorous 3.6a2preNamoroka 3.6a1Namoroka 3.6.9preNamoroka 3.6.8Namoroka 3.6.6preNamoroka 3.6.5preNamoroka 3.6.3preNamoroka 3.6.3Namoroka 3.6.2preNamoroka 3.6.20preNamoroka 3.6.19preNamoroka 3.6.18preNamoroka 3.6.17preNamoroka 3.6.17Namoroka 3.6.15preNamoroka 3.6.14preNamoroka 3.6.13Namoroka 3.6.12preNamoroka 3.6.10preNamoroka 3.6.10Namoroka 3.6 Click on any string to get more details Netscape Pre-0.2Navscape Pre-0.1 Mosaic was the first popular World Wide Web browser and Gopher client.

It was the first browser to actually implement images embedded in the text, rather than displayed in a separate window. Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Super computing Applications (NASA) beginning in late 1992.

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