What Does Your User Agent Say About You?


A user agent is a computer program representing a person, for example, a browser in a Web context.

Besides a browser, a user agent could be a bot scraping webpages, a download manager, or another app accessing the Web. Along with each request they make to the server, browsers include a self-identifying User-Agent HTTP header called a user agent (UA) string. This string often identifies the browser, its version number, and its host operating system.

Spam bots, download managers, and some browsers often send a fake UA string to announce themselves as a different client. This is known as user agent spoofing.

The user agent string can be accessed with JavaScript on the client side using the navigator.userAgent property.

A typical user agent string looks like this: "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0".


User Agent String

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User Agent String For Internet Explorer 11

Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
• 8 min read

You can experiment with it using the latest publicly available Windows 10 build at this moment, which is 9879. To change the UserAgentstring in InternetExplorer11, you need to open the Flags page mentioned above.

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Additionally, you can set the Sergeant text box back to By Sergey Lukashenko on January 2, 2015, last updated on March 22, 2018, in InternetExplorer.

Sergey Lukashenko is a software developer from Russia who started Winner back in 2011. On this blog, Sergey is writing about everything connected to Microsoft, Windows and popular software.

Your IT folks should now the settings of the browsers they support or how to diagnose and correct issues. Topics covered are: Installation, Deployment, Configuration, Security, Group Policy, Management questions.

If you have feedback for Techno Support, contact text/HTML 7/14/2016 5:27:10 PM gmj2 0 It turns out that the issues are related to efforts by our security team to mitigate the impact of the recently-discovered Pad (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery) protocol bug that puts Windows users at risk.

The quick-fix work-around is to uncheck all the boxes in the IE11 “local intranet” (see below) and used the “Advanced” feature to manually add in any websites that need to be viewed in compatibility mode: Glad to hear that you have found a solution and thank you for sharing it here, it will be helpful to other community members who have same questions.

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If you have feedback for Techno Support, contact text/HTML 9/9/2016 6:43:57 PM retazzo4 0 I have encountered some sites that claim false incompatibility with Internet Explorer 11.

Some sites, such as YouTube and Yahoo Mail, display an annoying warning that IE is not supported and I should consider another browser, however they do work fine without any noticeable compatibility issue! Other sites, such as Vodafone Greece, are even worse by denying to load at all unless I open them in another browser such as Firefox.

Other sites, such as Vodafone Greece, are even worse by denying to load at all unless I open them in another browser such as Firefox. I want to use Internet Explorer 11 instead, so I tried to open the Developer settings and change the user agent in Firefox or Chrome, but apparently I did not do that correctly, all the affected sites still detect I run IE 11.

I couldn't find Safari 13 specific IE useragentstring either. If Apple don't provide one, it is going to be tough to get IE useragentstring working.

Do you have clone backup with previous version of Safari installed? There was a IE extension that used to be free on chrome as well and now they want to charge u for it.

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I usually use the developer tab but my computer auto updated itself to 13.0.3 and not IE is gone ... There has not been an InternetExplorer version for Mac in 16 years.

There is no userAgentString that would Identify a current InternetExplorer version on a Mac. If you just want to trick the website into thinking you are using InternetExplorer, then any current version of InternetExplorer you would be using would have to be on Windows, so those strings should work.

Safari Preferences Security Plug-in settings On the left-hand side, tick ‘Java’ and select the website you wish to enable it on (in this case, I’m guessing ‘ or something similar).

Ensure that you have ‘ InternetExplorer11 selected from the ‘ User agent section of the ‘Develop’ menu. Go back to the website you wish to use InternetExplorer and Java on, and refresh the page.

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