What Does Your User Agent Say About You?


A user agent is a computer program representing a person, for example, a browser in a Web context.

Besides a browser, a user agent could be a bot scraping webpages, a download manager, or another app accessing the Web. Along with each request they make to the server, browsers include a self-identifying User-Agent HTTP header called a user agent (UA) string. This string often identifies the browser, its version number, and its host operating system.

Spam bots, download managers, and some browsers often send a fake UA string to announce themselves as a different client. This is known as user agent spoofing.

The user agent string can be accessed with JavaScript on the client side using the navigator.userAgent property.

A typical user agent string looks like this: "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0".


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User Agent Switcher Bing

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
• 7 min read

If you ever wanted to make your web traffic seem like it was coming from a different browser–say, to trick a site that claims it’s incompatible with yours–you can. This allows you to request web pages intended for different browsers–or even different devices, like smartphones and tablets.

agent switcher firefox pozwala peny dziaa opis przegldarek bdzie pomoc jego ronych twoj lub jak zobacz explorer chrome internet za


Click the menu button to the right of the “Console” tab at the bottom of the Developer Tools pane and select “Network Conditions” If you don’t see the console at the bottom, click the menu button in the top right corner of the Developer Tools pane–that’s the button just to the left of the “x”–and select “Show Console”.

On the Network conditions tab, uncheck “Select automatically” next to User agent. It only works while you have the Developer Tools pane open, and it only applies to the current tab.

To create the preference, right-click on the about:config page, point to New, and select String. You can find extensive lists of user agents on various websites, such as this one.

This setting applies to every open tab and persists until you change it, even if you close and reopen Firefox. To revert Firefox to the default user agent, right-click the “general.user agent.override” preference and select Reset.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have user agent switchers in their developer tools, and they’re nearly identical. To open them, click the settings menu and select “F12 Developer Tools” or just press F12 on your keyboard.

user agent switcher chrome

The developer tools will open in a separate pane at the bottom of the window. It only applies to the current tab, and only while the F12 Developer Tools pane is open.

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It is designed to collect user feedbacks and bugs about this add-on. Users can suggest improvements or feature requests through this form too.

There are 26 popular user agents to choose from! Read the privacy policy for this add-on. Please check the YouTube tutorial below to get an idea of how this add-on works in your browser. If you want to contribute to the development of this add-on, please fork it on GitHub, and push your changes to a named branch. Toolbar popup UI provides an easy interface to access all 26 user agents.

Clicking on any UA, will change your browsers user agent immediately. Second row is for desktop user agents which includes Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, MS Internet Explorer and the new Edge browser by Microsoft.

user agent switcher firefox extension addons mozilla websites force mobile version

The last row in the popup UI is dedicated for the control options including a button to change the UA to its default value. Moreover, some websites make look better in mobile devises while you are surfing in a desktop browser.

Therefore, being able to switch between different user agent on the fly could be a big advantage when you are online. The process for changing user -agents on-the-fly after the extension is installed in your browser is an extremely simple task.

In other words, user agent switcher can quickly switch between iOS, android, and other famous mobile devices. Whether you use Firefox, Opera, chrome or Safari, the User agent switcher will work with your existing setup.

Simply open the toolbar-popup and click on the desired user agent, selected UA is marked with green border. Windows Phone, which is a mobile OS from Microsoft for its windows-phone devices.

This user agent is available in 4 different operating systems (windows, Linux, mac and chromes). This user agent is available in 3 different operating systems (windows, Linux, mac).

agent user cloaked viewing hidden contents links raymond cc switcher forums

This user agent is available in 5 different operating systems (windows, Linux, mac, chromes, IBM Warp OS/2). This user agent is available in 3 different operating systems (windows, Linux, mac).

To see your browsers user agent, you can use many websites that offer this service for Free. But, if you do not want to completely remove this Add-on, you can simply open the toolbar popup, and click on the “Switch to Default” button in the bottom left corner.

This way, your browsers user agent will be switched to its default value and no actions or changes will be made by this Add-on. Once the UA is changed, click on the edit button in the bottom right corner in the popup.

When you see the edit window opened, make your desired changes and click on the OK button. Please note, before editing any user agent make sure the new value is a valid UA, otherwise the Add-on will not be able to change your browsers user agent and end up seeing errors in websites that you visit.

If you want the selected user agent to be active on a specific website only, please open the toolbar-panel UI and enter the website address in designated field (input area in the bottom middle section). In other words, if you do not modify the URL field, the UA will be applied to all websites and domains.

agent switcher chrome ua mozilla developer sent

In order to change the UA, the Add-on works in two separate modes. The other mode is the navigator user agent, which is changed within the page before it is loaded.

Is this Add-on compatible will all versions of Firefox, Opera and Chrome Yes, it is fully compatible with all versions of modern browsers including, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Please note, you can edit/update any of these strings from the toolbar popup UI once you run the Add-on in your browsers. Please note: keep these reviews clean, and avoid the usage of derogatory or inappropriate language or terminology in references to individuals or groups based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, gender, etc.

There's also a punch card in the Microsoft Rewards app (also on the Xbox), so a chance for 250 more points. Please keep reviews clean, avoid the use of improper language and do not post any personal information.

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